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We encourage you also to join the club's listserver to receive notifications about meetings and the latest sightings in our area. Just send an email to Valerie Fontaine at and ask her to add you to the list.

You may also want to subscribe to LABird. LSU hosts this listserver, and the state's best birders post their sightings there. LABird functions as Louisiana's Rare Bird Alert. Click here for information about LABird and instructions to subscribe.

Our Club memberships run from January through December, coinciding with the calendar year.

Dues are $15 per year and include a monthly newsletter. If you join after March dues are prorated at $1.50 per month. For example, if you join in June dues are $9.00 (six months times $1.50). Dues cover the cost of a monthly newsletter and meeting place.

Here is a copy of our Membership Application. To join us, just print a copy by clicking here: or clicking the Print button of your browser or selecting File>Print. Then just fill it in, and drop it in the mail -- or better still, hand-deliver it to us at our next meeting!

If you have any questions, please click here and ask us!

Northshore Bird Club
Membership Application
City, State, Zip_________________________________________________
Telephone___________________Cell________________ Renewal?______
Please make checks payable to Northshore Bird Club.
Mail your completed application and check for $15.00 (single or family membership at a single address) to:
Shannon Antoine, Membership Chairperson, 30640 Azalea Lane, Lacombe, LA 70445.