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Many of our members participate in National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Counts, and we sponsor one in the Slidell area (northeast of New Orleans).

Here are the results from the last Slidell count.

And here is a page with more information about the Northshore counts.

Our web nerd has created several resources using Google® Maps™ to generate user-friendly maps. Try 'em out!

Christmas Bird Count Circles

Winter Bird Atlas Topo Maps



Here are some Internet links that we've found helpful, related to both our specific region and to birding in general.

If you have links of your own that you'd like to share with us, please click here and pass them to one of our officers.

Birding organizations
American Bird Conservancy American Birding Association
Patuxent-Migratory Bird Research Bird Study Group
BirdLouisiana Birding in the Caribbean
Louisiana Audubon Societies Louisiana Ornithological Society (LOS)
Northlake Nature Center The Hummer/Bird Study Group
USF&W endangered-species page

Species-specific sites
Linda Beall's Hummbander Site Birds Of Prey
Lanny Chambers' Hummingbirds! Paul Conover's hummingbird ID site
Driftwood Wildlife Association-Chimney Swifts Operation Ruby Throat
Shore-bird photo quiz The North American Bluebird Society
The Owl Pages The Purple Martin Society

BirdSource The birds of Southeastern LA
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Raptor Center

Environmental sites
Sierra Club Honey Island Group Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuges
The Nature Conservancy

Commercial and other sites
Bird Watching for Couch Potatoes Birders World (magazine) (feeders and cool maps) Birding About.Com (lots of links)
Birding America
Bird songs and sounds Eagle Optics
Info on building nest structures & feeders from USGS A Local Guide to Birdwatching in the USA
(Woodland Hills, CA)
Peterson Online Birds Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory
TripBuzz Birdwatching Guide Wild Bird Center (Covington)
Wild Birds Unlimited Young Birder's Backyard Guide